Braj Beauty online home salon service

Braj Beauty online home salon service

Braj Beauty is established with an intent to provide our customers with personal care related services. Our expertise lies in home saloon services and for the first time in Nepal, we have initiated an on-call service to all our clients who, due to work obligations or personal reasons, miss their saloon appointments or are unable to allocate time for it.


You can choose from a wide range of packages the services that best suit you, be it anything, like hairdressing, pedicure, party makeup we are ready to cater to all your parlor needs.

Our services are provided by expert beauticians, who will help you to enhance your beauty. We specialize in Make-up, Skincare and hair dressing, Various Hair-care related needs like treatment, conditioning and styling. Additionally, Rica Waxing, Nail Care, pedicure, and home Spa and massage are some of other services that we provide in package.


There are situations like in times, your work can get demanding, or you can be a new mother who's busy taking care of your newborn. or you can be the bride who's having difficulty to get to the saloon, or you might even have a late hour job obligation, and for all these situations you now have a solution: 'Braj Beauty'. 

We use all the safety measures, sterilize our equipment before each session and reach you out well prepared. Further, our beauticians are trained and maintain a great deal of hygiene and safety measures. Therefore, you can book our packages without worrying about safety and hygiene.